a selection of videos I filmed, cut & edited 

official music video for DARCEYs song Jukebox
Ode an die Freude | Kurzfilm mit Clara Böhm
official music video: Mjalisuso – Tunga; a song about traveling to the foreign and the challenges yet also the beauty that come with it
Die Augsburger Kegelbahnkonzerte | CECI
Balbina – Seeräuberjenny | Brechtfestival Augsburg
Stereostrand Festival | official aftermovie
Mjalisuso – Jaliyah (live studio session at Offshore Studio7)
Fatoumata Diawara | Water & Sound Ensemble | An Ka Bin – live at Water & Sound Festival Augsburg 2022
A Teapot and a Ring by Riccardo Ferrara, recorded in the beautiful forests around Augsburg
»künstlerisch ist alles« | art project with Riccardo Ferrara & Sebastian Schulz
Die Augsburger Kegelbahnkonzerte | Philomenas Tailor
Sofar Sounds Berlin